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Where every flavour tells a story.

made by ME is an artisanal smallgoods cocinatorium & salumeria. located in the picturesque Mangaroa River Valley of Upper Hutt, New Zealand, with a passion for craftsmanship & dedication to producing high-quality products. We specialize in creating a diverse range of small batch, handcrafted, world-class meat products using locally sourced ingredients & traditional techniques.

made by ME sources its ingredients from local farmers & suppliers who share a commitment to sustainable & ethical practices. All our grass-fed NZ Beef, Pork & Venison products are sourced from local organically & humanely grown farms. The smallgoods that we produce are a testament to our dedication to preserving time-honoured culinary traditions.

From the careful selection of premium cuts of meat to the artful blending of spices & seasonings, each product embodies the passion & expertise poured into its creation. The emphasis on craftsmanship extends to the curing & aging process, which we carry out with meticulous attention to detail, resulting in unique & flavourful products. We believe that this dedication not only creates a better product, but we also honour the animals who gave their lives to feed us. And in so doing, we are helping build an ethical food system of which we can all be proud.

made by ME not only offers a range of traditional smallgoods & salumi, but we also pride ourselves on innovative flavour combinations that showcase New Zealand's vibrant culinary international scene but also reflect our diverse Kiwi, Texan & Cajun roots. By experimenting with local ingredients, traditions, herbs & spices, we create exciting & enticing products that cater to a wide range of tastes & preferences.

Through our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, & local ethical & sustainable sourcing, made by ME has garnered a reputation for excellence among discerning customers & culinary enthusiasts. Our dedication to preserving traditional methods of our family recipes, while embracing innovation ensures that each of our smallgoods produced is a true culinary masterpiece, capturing the essence of New Zealand's culinary heritage.

"I didn't suddenly discover & get an appreciation for jerky on an OE, I grew up in South Texas where the German, Polish, Dutch, Czech & Mexican culture influenced the countryside in the food, the traditions & of course, the dried meats. Where every butcher shop had a smokehouse, & you could smell them from miles away. My Dad would regularly stop at the local butcher to get smoked, flat-cut jerky, dried sausages & cuts of cheese, wrapped in paper to take on the road trips when I was a kid. Dried, smoked & cured meats are in my DNA."

- Patrick Brennan, Director of made by ME

 The bite that's right, morning, noon, or night.