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Our biersticks, also known as bierwurst, are small, ready-to-eat sausages commonly served as snacks, hors d'oeuvres, or as part of a cheeseboard or grazing platter. They are usually made from meats like pork, lamb, venison, or beef, blended with a variety of seasonings & spices, & encased in natural lamb casings that 'snap' when bitten into.


made by ME create our own handmade, smoked, and savoury sticks packed with flavor that are cooked & air-dried. These are our unique takes on popular sausages, transformed into portable, ready-to-eat dried meat snacks.


Despite their name, beersticks do not contain beer; instead, they are snacks typically enjoyed alongside beer & complement the flavors of the beverage well.

  • Spanish Chorizo

    Spanish Chorizo

    150g Smoked Spanish Dried Pork Sausage. Our hickory-smoked Chorizo biersticks are a delicious and convenient ready-to-eat snack option that combines the spicy, savory flavors of chorizo sausage in a portable form. Delight in the authentic Spanish flavor...

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  • Kabanosy


    150g Smoked Polish Dried Pork Sausage. Our Kabanosy is a delicious, thin, dried, Polish-styled sausage that is made with high-quality pork meat. It has a hickory-smoked & mild flavour with our authentic recipe, that makes it perfect for snacking,...

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