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Spanish Chorizo

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150g Smoked Spanish Dried Pork Sausage

Our hickory-smoked Chorizo biersticks are a delicious and convenient snack option that combines the spicy, savory flavors of chorizo sausage in a portable form. Ready-to-eat or paired with your favourite cheeseboard items!

Delight in the authentic Spanish flavor experience with our delicious Spanish Chorizo. Made with traditional recipes that have endured through generations, our Chorizo is the perfect combination of select pork, hickory-smoked and cured with the highest quality Spanish spices. It has then been dried and fashioned into a snack stick. Its unmistakable flavour, slightly spicy and full of character, will transport you directly to the streets of Spain. Whether in tapas, paellas or as an aperitif, Spanish Chorizo is the ideal choice to satisfy your culinary desires. Discover the authentic taste of Spain in every bite!