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90g sliced Italian/Māori cured & smoked beef eye fillet

A captivating twist on the classic Italian delicacy, Bresaola. Imagine the robust flavors of tender, air-dried beef meticulously crafted to create a culinary experience with Māori influences, that will transport you to new heights of gastronomic pleasure.

Our Mītikautello (Mītikau is the Māori word for beef) begins with carefully selected cuts of premium-quality beef fillet, sourced from the finest farm meats. Renowned for its lean and tender nature, beef brings a unique richness and depth of flavor to the traditional preparation.

The beef is expertly trimmed, removing any excess fat or connective tissue, ensuring that only the highest quality meat remains. It is then cured in spices, smoked in Pōhutukawa and air-dried for a period of time.  This attention to detail ensures that each slice of our cured & smoked beef tenderloin delivers a pure, melt-in-your-mouth experience.