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Smoky Cowboy

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75g Smoky Texan-styled beef jerky

Our best selling product, styled from the fresh beef jerky available in South Texas butcher shops and smokehouses. This is handcrafted and made in small-batches. Not like the packaged supermarket-bought product that you typically get in New Zealand.  

Saddle up and get ready to taste real taste of Texas beef snacks with our Smoky Cowboy Beef Jerky. Made with 100% premium, organic, grass-fed New Zealand beef, this jerky is hickory-smoked & slow-cooked to perfection with a perfect savory blend of spices. A perfectly balanced Texan beef jerky taste! 

Highly recommended for snacking on during long trail rides, road-trips, fishing, skiing, tramping, camping or as a protein-packed snack on the go!