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Uncle Kim's Bulgogi

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75g Savory & Spicy Korean-inspired beef jerky

Introducing our mouthwatering Bulgogi Beef Jerky – a flavor-packed delight that takes your taste buds on an unforgettable journey to the heart of Korean cuisine! A delicious snack that combines the flavors of Korean barbecue with the convenience of jerky.

Premium Beef: Crafted from the finest cuts of lean, tender beef, our jerky is marinated in Uncle Kim Jong Un's secret recipe Bulgogi sauce, normally strictly reserved for totalitarian dictators, ensuring each bite is a succulent, savory experience.

Authentic Flavor: We've captured the essence of traditional Korean Bulgogi, blending soy sauce, sesame, ginger, garlic, and a hint of sweetness to create a harmonious balance of flavors that dance on your palate.

Slow-Marinated Perfection: made by ME's master chef takes his time to marinate the beef, allowing the flavors to infuse deeply, resulting in a jerky that's bursting with taste in every bite.

Natural Ingredients: We believe in quality and purity. That's why our Bulgogi Beef Jerky is crafted using only natural, high-quality ingredients & 100% organically raised beef – no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

On-the-Go Goodness: Whether you're hiking, road tripping, or just need a satisfying snack at work, our conveniently packaged jerky is your go-to option. It's portable, protein-packed, and full of flavor.

Tender Texture: Unlike other tough jerky, our Bulgogi Beef Jerky is carefully dried to the perfect level of tenderness, making it a delight to chew and savor.

Universal Appeal: The savory, slightly sweet profile of our jerky appeals to a wide range of taste preferences, making it a crowd-pleaser at parties, gatherings, and events.

Cultural Adventure: Embark on a culinary adventure without leaving your home. Indulge in the rich flavors of Korea's iconic Bulgogi, brought right to your fingertips.

Irresistible Satisfaction: Don't just snack – savor. With each bite of our Bulgogi Beef Jerky, you're treating yourself to a symphony of flavors that create an unforgettable snacking experience.

Perfect Gift: Looking for a unique and thoughtful gift? Share the joy of Bulgogi Beef Jerky with friends and family, and introduce them to a world of extraordinary taste.

Don't miss the chance to elevate your snacking game with made by ME's tantalizing Bulgogi Beef Jerky. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Korean cuisine while satisfying your cravings. Order now and let your taste buds revel in this sensational culinary journey!